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Our Oysters



We say the fresher, the better.

Mato's processes and packages premium, wild-caught, 100 percent domestic oysters servicing our distributors, retailers, and restaurants nationwide. We recognize our customers have a large selection regarding the oysters they purchase and we take great pride in giving them the freshest, high-quality product they can buy.


With over four decades of oyster cultivating expertise, we understand the needs of our customers and dedicate ourselves to providing Fresh Value, Quality Consistency, and Industry Insights in an ever evolving competitive marketplace.



We maintain our value with our commitment to continue providing our costumers with the freshest Gulf oyster product. 


From each season's beginning to it's end, we control our craft by overseeing the intricate process and production of what it means to produce quality oysters for our costumers.


The Mato's Brand has built a solid reputation in the industry for producing fresh quality oysters for more than forty years.


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